Foundation for Women's Health Promotion and Welfare Initiatives (FWHPWI) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization founded in South Africa in 2019 against the rising incidence of gynecological cancers in Africa.

Our motivation

We are inspired by the condition of millions of African women afflicted and threatened by gynecological cancers; and by our awareness that fatal incidence of the cancers could be mitigated if attention is paid to prevention, education,  pharmaceutical research, and affordable therapies.


What we do

Focusing on gynecological cancers, FWHPWI organizes cancer awareness campaigns, early detection outreach, healthy lifestyle education, use of indigenous resources to identify novel therapeutics/affordable pharmaceutical products for cancer and osteoporosis. 

Our approach

FWHPWI's extensive activities are organized in program units run by a committee of members.


Our Programs include:

  • cancer research

  • risk reduction campaign and advocacy

  • outreach (aiming at early detection of breast and gynecological cancers, particularly among the vulnerable)

  • caregiver training with our partners.


A dedicated management team under the program committees handles specific projects of each unit.

Our teams

Research team

Education, Health and Wellness team

Editorial team

Support team

  • Gynecological Cancer Awareness team

  • Fundraising team